Monday, October 21, 2013

Toe up socks for everyone!

Back in September I announced that I’ll be attempting to make my sock patterns available in toe up versions as well as cuff down.

I’m pleased to share that the first two of my toe-up conversions are now available.

The Man in the Brown Suit was easy to convert. The chart can be worked from the top or bottom. It was ‘just’ the toe, heel and cuff instructions which needed to be modified.

I picked Styles Court as the next pattern to convert for two reasons. It is one of my most popular patterns (after appearing on the Yarn Harlot’s blog), and I was working with a technical editor to fix the errors in the cuff down version. So it seemed to make sense to convert it into a toe-up pattern at the same time.

Styles Court required a bit more back & forth with the tech editor. Due to basic differences in heel construction, we decided to scrap the small amount of detailing in the heel. We had a choice between complicated instructions to create the exact same look on the heel, or simple instructions for an unpatterned heel. I opted for simplicity since the impact to the overall design of the sock is minimal.

If you have purchased the cuff down version of the pattern you should receive an update notice and your Ravelry library should be automatically updated. Updates will also be available on Craftsy and Patternfish.

Happy Knitting!

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