Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's been a bit since I last posted. In that time Christmas and it's associated social events have passed, as have a slew of January birthdays. Also, I've been busy designing, testing and preparing a few sock designs for publication on Ravelry. I just couldn't ignore the rush of inspiration that seemed to crest just as the other areas in my life also got busy. I'm planning to resume my study in socks series shortly (how's that for alliteration?).

In the meantime, here's a glimpse at part of what's been occupying my time in the past weeks:

Intertwined Socks:
This is a variation of the standard lattice pattern, with the intersecting parts of the cable wrapping around each other. For me, this pattern evokes images of the fresh green shoots of spring plants growing and wrapping around each other, as well as the many ways we as people are intertwined with those around us creating friendships, families and memories.

The pattern instructions are provided for two sizes, womens medium and large. Two sets of charts and written instructions are provided, one for each size. The intertwining lattice pattern is repeated on the front and back of the socks.

The cables in this pattern are simple 1/1 cables. You may wish to cable without a cable needle for a faster knitting experience. The technique of cabling without a cable needle is described in the Knitty Winter 2007 issue, located here:
Two sizes are provided. The Women’s Medium (CO 64 sts) is designed to fit a US size 7-9 foot with an 8” circumference. The Women’s Large (CO 76 sts) will fit womens sizes 9-11, with a 9.5” circumference .

The yardage requirements given are generously based on the test knitted samples.
Note: Some test knits of size Large done on 2.25mm needles required approx 515 yards (470 m) of yarn to do the recommended # of repeats. If working a size Large, you may want to consider doing only 2-2.5 repeats of the pattern on the leg, depending on your needle size, gauge and the total yardage of your yarn.

The pattern instructions reference the sole and instep stitches rather than specifying needles, allowing you to use your preferred method (4 or 5 needles, magic loop, 2 circular needles). Each pattern repeat is approximately 2” long. If you wish to add length to the leg of the sock, add the appropriate number of pattern repeats and adjust your yardage requirements appropriately.