Monday, July 6, 2009


A few weekends ago I had the standard knitters' dilemna: what to take with me for a weekend away. We were going up to the in-laws for 2 days, including a 3 hr drive each way - knitters heaven! I ended up packing some Handmaiden sea silk that I wanted to use for the Vogue drop stitch scarf. I also decided on starting some socks, the ultimate in portable knitting. I think I showed perfect restraint by only packing 2 projects for my 2 day visit.

To my delight, there is a wonderful little yarn store in Owen Sound. It had a few gems, brands I haven't seen locally and a couple colors of Mission Falls cotton I had been looking for. I may have to visit the in-laws more often so I can visit the shop again!

I found some time here and there to knit. But as I worked on the drop stitch scarf I wasn't particularly enjoying how the colorway was knitting up. The yarn is dyed a beautiful blue/turquoise/green/gold. Unfortunately the colors weren't pooling in any manner whatsoever, so it just seemed like a hodge podge of conflicting colors.

After investing a couple hours, I wrestled with deciding whether I should rip back and see whether a different gauge or width would change things. I ripped it. Then I realized I didn't have a bigger needle to cast on a second time.

Then I looked to the sock yarn to satisfy my yarn craving. The pattern was for toe up in a method I hadn't done before. Foiled again! No instructions. :(

So there I was with beautiful yummy yarn and nothing I could knit. I felt so helpless. So frustrated. So....unfair!

Of course, this made it easier for me to offer to do the driving on the way home so hubby could rest.