Saturday, October 12, 2013

I couldn't have said it better - Lace

Once again I've found a blog post which says exactly what I would have said about a certain knitting technique. This time it is Robin Hunter, talking about knitting lace in her post: 20 Tips for Knitting Lace.  Excellent tips for those new to, or nervous about, knitting lace.

Coincidentally, just like Robin, I too spent some time this summer working on some lace shawl designs. In fact, I'm knitting one right now for my mother. On our recent trip to British Columbia, we stopped in at the Sweet Georgia headquarters. Mom spotted a lovely skein of Cashsilk Lace in a soft lilac color.

After Mom subtly commented it would go perfectly with her winter coat and asking if it would make a good scarf, I offered to knit her something with it.

The Cashsilk Lace is 45% cashmere and 55% silk. With 400 yards in a 50g skein, I should be able to make a nice triangular shawlette for Mom to wrap around her neck and keep her warm this winter.

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