Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indie Designers Giftalong on Ravelry

A couple weeks ago, an idea was born in one of the Ravelry forums where designers hang out. What if we all banded together for one big pre-Christmas/Chanukah/Festive sale and knit/crochet-along? Like many great ideas, it snowballed, picking up speed and participants by the minute (not hour or day!). And so was born the Indie Design Gift-along.

What it boils down to is this: hundreds of independent designers are offering patterns at a 25% discount between Nov 1-Nov 15, 2013.

To make it more fun, we're having a knit/crochet-along for participants between Nov 1st-Dec 31st (because you know a few of us will be knitting well into the wee post-holiday hours trying to finish up those wooly gifts).

And no gift-along would be complete without prizes. And woah Nelly, do we have lots of prizes! And lots of ways to win those prizes. Prizes for progress pictures, random prizes, Guess the Designer prizes.

I'll have 6 of my patterns discounted. You'll be able to tell which ones are participating because the main pattern picture will have golden "gift-along" sales tag on it:

You'll see the gift-along tag on the Ravatars of participating designers. You can even grab your own snazzy Gift-along Ravatar to show the Ravelry world that you're knitting away on your holiday gifts (or treating yourself to something!). 
Maroo Mitts by Ambah

Personally, I want to make a pair of Maroo Mitts. I know the recipient will just love them.  
PS. I'm the recipient! ;-)

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