Friday, October 25, 2013


”Miss Marple pulled down the mass of pink wool that encircled her head, a pink wool scarf of the same kind that she had once worn in the West Indies.
‘One of my names,’
she said, ‘is Nemesis.’
- from Agatha Christie’s novel, Nemesis

Nemesis, with a pink wooly scarf.
 I love the way Agatha Christie incorporates knitting in her novels, especially the Miss Marple series. The pink wool scarf mentioned in the quote above actually features in two of the Miss Marple stories: A Caribbean Mystery and Nemesis.

Nemesis is also the name of my newest sock pattern, which was just released yesterday. It's a fairly straight forward cabled sock pattern. The cables are 1/1, which means it's a perfect project for those new to cabling or for anyone wishing to practice cabling without a cable needle. The stitch pattern is a 12 row repeat and only 4 rows have cables in them.

Sale: Oct 24-26th, Nemesis is only $1.50

E-book Details:
This pattern is part of an e-book series, The Agatha Christie Series, Volume 1. Follow along as I create designs inspired by Agatha Christie novels.

There are currently 5 patterns included in this e-book: 4 sock patterns and 1 shawl pattern. One more sock pattern will be added by December 1st. When you purchase the e-book you will automatically receive the new patterns when they are released and added to the e-book. In total, there will be 6 patterns in the e-book.

This e-book represents a significant savings over purchasing the patterns separately. And the earlier you buy, the more you save.

Buy in October 2013: $14   ($2.33/pattern)
Buy in November 2013: $16  ($2.66/pattern)
Buy in December 2013: $18  ($3.00/pattern)

Currently published in the e-book (in addition to Nemesis):
The Vicar's Wife
The Man in the Brown Suit  (photo courtesy of Holly Isaac)

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