Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Better late than never

The pattern for my Trellis and Coin socks can be downloaded by clicking here. It is also available on Ravelry by following this link.

I was inspired by some richly toned Handmaiden Casbah yarn to create a unique sock pattern that would do justice to this lovely yarn. I wanted a pattern that was as voluptuous as the Casbah itself. For me, that means bold, stunning cables that capture the eye immediately.

Since my approach to patterns is to consider them more of a guide than a strict set of instructions from which I should not deviate, this sock pattern is intended to be customizable. No two pairs of feet are the same and it's easy to customize the width of the cuff or leg portion of the sock. That's what I love about this pattern – the back of the sock is a lovely alternating moss stitch and coin cable pattern. If you need to make the circumference of the sock bigger or smaller, simply adjust the number of stitches by adding or removing repeats of these stitches.

Trellis and Coin socks, love them for its delicious cables, but feel free to change the cuff, heel and toe to suit your preferences.
If you have any questions or notice any errata, please feel free to email me at: maureen at foulds dot ca, subsituting the appropriate symbols.