Monday, January 20, 2014

Yarn Caddy - Sneak Peek

For the past few months I've been collaborating with my brother to help him create some handcrafted yarn caddies.

A creative genius when it comes to woodworking and building things, my brother has written feature articles for Canadian wood working magazines, reviewed products and taught workshops across Canada at various wood working events.

In 2009 he built a stunning dollhouse for my daughter, which became the cover project for the December/January 2009 issue of Canadian Woodworking Magazine.

In the Fall, when I visited him at his home on Vancouver Island, his attention was caught by the yarn caddy I'd bought at a yarn shop in Kelowna.

I've long been trying to convince him to make yarn-related products. I love using beautiful tools while I spin and knit. And Michael's work is just the kind of thing I like: handcrafted, made with thought and care, and made to last.

Cherry, Maple and Oak: loaded with yarn and ready to go.
The yarn caddy is just the thing. The square base reduces the chances of the caddy tipping over. And the spindle, big enough to hold practically any skein of yarn, revolves smoothly on the metal pin. There's even a tensioning hook to guide your yarn for plying or just while knitting.

I've been using the ones he sent me and I love them. They keep the yarn off the floor and spin easily with the gentlest tug on the working end of the yarn. And I love the fact that my yarn isn't 'locked' in. If I want to take the yarn off the caddy mid-project, I can (unlike some yarn bowls). They'd be great for plying hand spun or for color work too.

For his first batch he's made them in maple, cherry and oak. They're unvarnished, but sanded so smooth that there are no snags or catches. And generous big brother that he is, he sent me one of each!

He's hoping to launch his Etsy shop in the coming weeks. When he does, you can bet I'll be sharing the info here.

In the mean time, I'm trying to decide which one to knit with next. And what other knitterly projects I can convince him to make next. (Lazy Kate? Nostepinne?)

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  1. I LOVE the one you gave me. It will be excellent for lace knitting when the yarn is unwound from the outside of the ball.