Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everything Old is New Again

The other day I enjoyed a nice visit with my Mom. During the visit she showed me the gloves she was wearing. Not usually something noteworthy, right?

But these gloves are definitely noteworthy. They were knit by my great-grandmother in Germany many decades ago. And they are still in tip-top shape! My Mom had to darn a tiny spot, but that's it.

I asked my Mom if she knew how old the gloves are, but she's unsure. My great-grandmother passed away at age 86 back in the early '70s, so sometime before then is all we know. I'd guess they're at least 50 years old, if not more.

Update: My mom just noticed that today would have been my great-grandmother's 126th birthday. How fitting to showcase her handy work today!

I'm completely in awe, not only of the evident skill but that these gloves have survived the decades.

Look at that detail on the thumb!

The yarn is incredibly fine and the gauge is very tight.
They must have been knit on tiny needles.


  1. Wow! They sure are in great shape! Your mom has looked after them well. It would be fun to deconstruct them.

  2. Sweet! I hope my knitting is that well loved and worn someday.