Thursday, January 23, 2014

CathedralGrove Yarn Caddies - Now Available!

The CathedralGrove Etsy shop is now live, with a lovely selection of hand-crafted yarn caddies available.

In today's world of Big Box shops and plastic gizmos, I find that it is the quality products that catch my eye and my imagination. When something is hand-crafted, made of natural materials, I feel a bit more of connection to the object. Perhaps because of the beauty inherent in the grain of the wood. Perhaps because I see it as a more permanent and valuable object. And perhaps because I can imagine the hours spent planning and creating it, paralleling the time, care and enjoyment I will experience while using it as I knit.

These days I find myself balancing the price of an object with the joy and pleasure it will bring me. I spend a lot of time knitting, so why not use beautiful tools which will bring me pleasure when I look at them and when I use them? And quality tools tend to last longer and look beautiful when not in use.

I can't decide which is my favorite: I love the rich cherry wood color, but the maple matches my hardwood floors, and the red oak has a nice grain...

Red Oak

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