Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome home, we missed you!

Two 10 hr days of driving. That's what it took to get us from Florida to home. Plus an hour's wait at the border to get back into Canada. We literally picked the one lane that wasn't moving. Once in Canada, we had another 2.5 hr drive to get home.

I was eager to see our cats again. 10 days is a long time to be away from the little fuzzy guys (girls, really). We knew we wouldn't see our dog until Sunday so it was the cat and our beds we wanted.

Apparently the cats missed us too. Especially Monkey, the 7 month old kitten we adopted in November.

Monkey apparently missed me so much that she tried to learn how to knit while I was away. We could see the evidence of this as soon as we walked in the door.

The hallway, leading to kitchen and living room.
 The note from our cat sitters reported at least 4 separate "yarn incidents".

Around the chair legs in multiple directions and heading for the dining room.

The living room - yarn around 2 sofas and around the coffee table back there.

Dining room. Can you see the 2 strands of silver yarn going from the chair to the front right corner?

Me, holding about 8 strands of yarn that lead into the dining room and hallway.
Wondering where and how to begin. Pardon the luggage behind me.

The culprits: Chewy (in front), Monkey (behind). "We had fun Mom!"

The victims included leftovers of Wollmeise, Candy Skein and other quality yarns. I stopped trying to identify the victims. It's better that way.

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