Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interview with Minimi Knit Designs

Costanza Cardigan
I've been having a lot of fun participating in the Indie Design Giftalong. Part of what I've really enjoyed is discovering new (to me) designers. One of these is Christina Ghirlanda, the creative genius behind Minimi Knit Design. I was immediately drawn to her Costanza cardigan. It's gone on my short list of future cardigans to knit!

So I asked Christina if she'd mind doing a short interview for the blog. Don't forget to read to the end. Christina has generously offered to give away a pattern! Here's what she had to say:

How did you get started designing knitwear? Do you have a particular niche you focus on?
I have started designing because I have got many requests to write up the pattern for the Minimissimi Sweater Coat. I must confess that I would have never designed that coat if I had known how hard it was to grade it!

I design things that solve my own problems. For example, I designed Gacoco Baby Blanket because I wanted several cashmere baby blankets. I could not justify the time and cost for blankets that last only a few months so I designed that modular blanket that basically lasts forever.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
I get my inspiration when I cannot see things clearly, that means when I am traveling in car or when I am without eyeglasses.

Can you describe your design process from idea to finished pattern?
I am working on a blog series on this topic, you may find it interesting: http://minimiknitdesign.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/the-prod...
Tell us about how the Indie Designer Giftalong has impacted you.
It’s all about accessories. Prior to the GAL I was mostly a garment designer, this event really got me interested in designing accessories. They are such an instant gratification both to design and to knit.
Gacoco baby blanket

What can knitters look forward to from you in 2014?
I am terribly bad at planning ahead. I am currently working on a cardigan and a secret project. But for the rest, it will be a surprise also for me.

Who are some new, interesting designers you have found during the Giftalong?
Many of GAL designers are really talented. As I’m more inclined to designing garments, I particularly like designs from Georgie Hallam and Justyna Lorkowska.

Finally, where can knitters find your designs?
On Ravelry or on my website MinimiKnitDesign.com

Polonaise Cowl

Want to win a copy of Christina's most recent pattern? The Polonaise Cowl is a gorgeous cabled knit that will keep you (or a loved one) warm and snug this winter. Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner by random number generator on the morning of December 6th.


  1. Wow the new pattern "Polonaise" is a definite most make!!! I have always been in awe of how cabled patterns. The GAL (gift along) has reintroduced cables to me. I been lace knitting mostly last couple of years.

  2. Ive never met a cable I didn't love - and that cowl is full of 'em! Awesome!

  3. The cable cowl looks warm and interesting.