Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Here in Canada our Thanksgiving is but a distant memory of delicious foods and cozy naps on the couch. But in the United States, the festivities are just beginning.

Part of the U.S. Thanksgiving tradition is Black Friday - so called because it's supposedly the day that most retailers start making a profit for the year (out of the red ink in their ledgers and into the black). On Black Friday, many retailers open their doors early and offer special discounts, creating a stampede of shoppers looking for bargains. Cyber Monday is the online version of that, taking place on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

The knitting world is no different. There are tons of deals to be had on all things fiber related. One designer, Marly Bird Knits has put together a list on her blog of designers and retailers who are offering special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Check it out and plan your strategy!

And yup, yours truly is on the list. All my individual patterns will be 30% off Nov 29th to Dec 2nd. The new release "And Then There Were None" isn't included because it's already discounted. And the e-books aren't part of the discount either, since they already offer a discount over the individual patterns.

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