Friday, December 6, 2013

An epically frustrating knitting day

We all have bad days. Some worse than others. And sometimes they don't spread themselves out. Instead the bad stuff decides to jump on you on the same day.

I recently had the trifecta of terribleness, a convergence of crap, a fistful of frustration. 

First, it was Monday. Sure, not the worst thing in the world. It happens every 7th day. You learn to deal. But looking back it seem appropriate that it was a Monday.
Sweet Georgia Pistachio colorway

Second, I was looking forward to a special yarn shipment from Sweet Georgia Yarns. They were kind enough to send me an extra skein of their BFL sock yarn in the amazing Pistachio colorway. It's destined to become one of my Poirot collection socks for February. Canada Post said it should arrive by Nov 29th. On Monday, I finally got the key tag in my mail box to open the parcel delivery box where my Sweet Georgia yarn was. Thing is - there was no key on the tag.

You know the scenes in the movies where the prisoner and his visitor put their hands up to the glass partition to "touch"? Yeah - that was  me and my yarn. Hunched in the dark, cold rain. Separated by a thin piece of metal. And a lock with no key.

And the feather in my cap of a bad knitting day? Back from the mailbox, I spent my evening finishing up the size 12 mens socks that were to be the mates of the Pistachio prisoner. I was excited because I was about 4 inches away from being done. I was itching to start a new project.

Right before bedtime I looked at the sock, gauging how close I was to completion. Then it hit me: I had forgotten to mirror the stitch pattern.

It felt like every anxiety dream I've ever had. My stomach felt like it had dropped to the floor. 13 inches of sock and I'd NEVER NOTICED! To be fair, I think this is the first of my sock to feature a mirror image pattern. But still!

Now if this was any old sock I wouldn't care. But I have plans for a photo shoot for these socks. I need pattern photos. Photos that don't highlight my rookie mistake.

Nothing to but rip out 13" of extra large sock. It took around 13 hours to knit it and only 4 minutes to rip it out.

I chuckled the entire four minutes though.

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  1. I'm sure it was a sardonic chuckle... I do LOVE that pistachio colourway.