Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Accessory After the Fact

This winter has been almost criminal, with a string of chilly temps and snowstorms terrorizing the nation week after week. Fight back (and look good doing it!) with new accessories to keep you cozy as you brave the cold.

Accessory After the Fact is my newest e-book. It uses some of my most popular motifs to create a collection of 3 matching hat/mitt sets.

**First up:** Interrupted Swirl Hat and Interrupted Swirl Mitts (with 2 options: fingerless mitts and mittens)

Patterns are $4.00 each, or 25% off when you buy both.
Hat dimensions: 10" across, 8" deep
The e-book is $15 for all 6 patterns, which will be released between now and April.
Yarn/kits available from indigodragonfly.

Knit in the fabulously soft merino/silk fingering blend from Indigodragonfly, the hat features 2 repeats of the swirl motif separated by broken rib stitches.  While one size fits most, I wanted to make this hat easy to customize. To make the hat smaller or larger, simply add extra ribbing to both sides. To make the hat deeper, add another swirl repeat.

 The Interrupted Swirl mitts use the swirl motif across the back of the hand. The mitts start with a scalloped cuff, worked flat and uses increases to add in the broken ribbing across the palm. Once joined in the round, continue the swirl and broken ribbing.

The pattern includes instructions for both a fingerless mitt version and a mitten cap.

Just like the hat, the mitt is customizable: add or remove some of the broken ribbing to suit the hand of the recipient. (Modification instructions aren't included, but just keep in mind that the mitten cap decreases are similar to sock toe decreases. Divide the total number of stitches in half and decrease on both edges of the palm and back of hand.)

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