Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long weekend excitement & The Man in the Brown Suit

I hope everyone enjoyed a long weekend (if you live in a place where it was a long weekend). At our house we kicked the weekend off a bit early as I headed out to the cottage to spend some time with my Mom and my daughter. My daughter loves having the freedom to roam around at the cottage and there are always lots of other kids around for her to play with.

We avoided the holiday traffic by heading home on Sunday morning, which also gave us time to prepare for "Back to School". Laundry was done, a first day of school outfit was selected and her backpack prepared. We're ready for grade 3!

On Monday, our long weekend was enlivened by a trip to the ER (A&E if you're in the UK). My daughter and her friends decided to try a cheer leading routine which involved lifting her up in the air. Except they've never done it or trained for it. Predictably, my daughter tumbled down and hurt her arm. Badly. When the pain didn't abate after 30 minutes, we drove over to the ER for x-rays, just to be on the safe side. We were seen remarkably quickly and received the good news that there's no fracture. Just a lot of pain. Another childhood lesson learned - and a few grey hairs added to my head.
New Pattern
In knitting news, I've just published my latest sock pattern: The Man in the Brown Suit.

The Man in the Brown Suit - moss ribbing and cables
Inspired by the novel The Man in the Brown Suit, by Agatha Christie, these socks offer classic moss stitch ribbing with a dash of cabled elegance. Suitable for a man or a woman, these socks provide an uncomplicated knit, with just enough variety to keep your interest.

The Man in the Brown Suit, at least in the novel, is mysterious, adventurous, independent, strong and loyal. We should all have a Man in a Brown Suit in our lives. Even if we have to knit it ourselves.

The pattern instructions are provided for four sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large (58, 64, 72 and 80 sts).

The Agatha Christie Series, Volume 1
The Man in the Brown Suit is also part of an e-book offering on Ravelry. Follow along as I create designs inspired by Agatha Christie novels.

There are currently 3 patterns included in this e-book: 2 sock patterns and 1 shawl pattern. Three more sock patterns will be added over the next 3 months. When you purchase the e-book you will automatically receive the new patterns when they are released and added to the e-book.

This e-book represents a significant savings over purchasing the patterns separately. And the earlier you buy, the more you save.
Styles Court sock

Buy in September 2013: $12
Buy in October 2013: $14
Buy in November 2013: $16
Buy in December 2013: $18

Styles Court socks - One of my most popular patterns, this pattern’s herringbone rib works for men and women.

The Man in the Brown Suit - Another unisex pattern, made up of moss stitch ribbing and cables on either side of the leg.

Joanna Lymstock Shawl - A crescent shaped shawl with a pretty lace border and a stocking stitch body.

Style Court - herringbone and cables

Joanna Lymstock shawl
E-book details will be updated as patterns become available. All patterns will be released by December 2013.

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