Friday, July 19, 2013

Stained Fingers Dye Camp

I'm going to summer camp next week!

My daughter will be away for the week at a friend's cottage, so when a couple last minute cancellations created openings, I decided at the last minute to book myself into Indigodragonfly's Stained Fingers Dye Camp. There's another session in August that might have some spots open, if you've ever wanted to learn to dye yarn.

I'll be staying at a lovely B&B up in Haliburton and heading out to Kim's dye studio each day for hands on lessons in yarn dyeing. I'll be bringing some sock yarn I've been meaning to dye for ages.

The dye camp is 4 days of hands-on instruction and experimentation. Kim will be giving us the basic skills on the first day and then we have 3 days to play around with color. I'm very excited to be learning at the hands of a master! Have you seen her gorgeous colors?

Indigodragonfly yarn is available around the world, in select locations. They run their dye studio out of their home in the beautiful Haliburton area. They've done so well (not surprisingly) that they're bursting at the seams and looking to build a new studio so they can dye more yarn more quickly and meet the demands of their ever-expanding fan base.

Expect a full report, with photos, later next week when I've returned home from camp.

Also, I may have a cunning plan to dye up some sock yarn for future blog giveaways! So why not leave a comment stating your favorite color? Give me some ideas of what to dye up.


  1. In addition to the Purple Purl, Lettuce Knit and Shall We Knit's booth at the Frolic, I've been to Fabulous Yarn in Tivoli, NY (near Rhinebeck) and Bee Hive Wool Shop in Victoria.

    Have fun, Mo. Sorry I couldn't join you but I just might have a dye day here to console myself.

  2. I'm a lover of peacocks and purples, though a good burgundy always goes down well; can't wait till I can do some dyeing again, dyes are currently in storage.