Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Of yarn and project bags...

I recently took advantage of a sale at Little HipKitty's Etsy shop to pick up a couple more project bags. Because one never has enough project boxes, right? *cough* Or is that just me?

Well, this weekend I was headed for the cottage so I packed up some yarn for a secret project and tucked it away in one of my new project bags. I blame the fact that it was a long weekend, but I just now noticed that my yarn is all matchy-matchy with my project bag!

So naturally I had to show off how coordinated I am. I certainly feel fancy, having everything match! *grin*

I'll definitely be going back to Little HipKitty. The Chirp bag pictured here is just perfect for knitting notions or a small project like socks. It's well made and quite sturdy, with a lovely, strong fabric handle. You can see more of the kinds of bags available in the shop in the past sales section here.

The other bag I bought is lovely too. Sadly, my daughter appropriated it and it is unavailable for photos. It's stuffed full of an 8 yr old girl's treasures.

A princess bag for my little princess

Shhh! Identities have been obscured to protect the innocent!
PS. That's Lola-Doodle's Dowager's Prize Roses sock yarn.

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