Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New shawl pattern released (sale!)

I've just released a new shawl pattern, the Joanna Lymstock shawl. This is a crescent shaped shawl which can be knit in either fingering or lace weight yarn. The lace portion is simple yet engaging, and the stocking stitch section makes this a very portable project. This is a perfect lightweight shawlette for a summer’s picnic or that special evening out. It would look fantastic held closed with a shawl pin.

The pattern accommodates both lace and fingering weight yarns, providing instructions for both. There are charts and written instructions. Also, I provide modification guidelines for customizing the size of the shawl. Approximate size of the shawl (based on the pattern) is 59" x 16".

The pattern was originally called the Dayflower shawl, since that's what the lace motif is called. But I've taken to listening to Agatha Christie audiobooks whilst knitting. While designing and knitting this shawl, I was listening to The Moving Finger, set in the town of Lymstock, in which Joanna Burton is one of the characters. Joanna is a pretty, carefree girl who is used to city life (ie, London) who relocates to the tiny town of Lymstock to help her brother recuperate from his war wounds. This shawl reminds me of Joanna Burton: delicate yet strong, interesting yet straight-forward and (by the end of the novel) equally at home in the city or the country.

This pattern will be **50% off ($2.50)** on Ravelry between July 16th and July 23rd, 2013. After that it will be $5.00.

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  1. SO pretty! Congrats on a your pattern release! This looks like something that could be worn again and again and again! Love it! ♥