Saturday, November 15, 2014


I am not a lucky person. By that I mean that I never win things. I've entered blog contest, draws, lotteries (we have several great ones here in Ontario where you can win homes, cars, trips - all to support cancer research and local hospitals).

There was even that Stag & Doe (you know, a party for a couple getting married) party where my husband and I bought almost $100 worth of tickets, each holding onto our own set. He won a free makeover by a professional makeup artist (boy, did that get laughs!). I won nothing, nada, zip.

Synchronicity by Andi Smith,
photo (c) Andi Smith
By contrast, I know a couple people who seem to have all the luck and are constantly winning prizes (Hi Geri!).

But last week, I hit the jackpot. No, I didn't win the Lotto. I won the knitting Lotto and won a copy of Andi Smith's new e-book Synchronicity, which was being given away by Natalie Servant on her blog.

And it was perfect synchronicity. I love cables - one look at my patterns and you'll know that. And I've been trying to master the skill of two color knitting. Andi's book puts cables and color work together with beautiful results.

Andi's book contains 7 dazzling projects accompanied by careful explanations of the techniques needed to complete each one. She even includes instructions for sewing in a lining on one of her cowls to beautiful effect.
sevenofnine, Andi Smith, photo (c) Andi Smith
It's no wonder that Andi has created these brilliant designs. Andi is no stranger to designing. Her Ravelry page lists over 50 designs, including ones published magazines, book collections and her own books like Big Foot Knits from Cooperative Press. Andi blogs about her designing at  KnitBrit, slightly unraveled.

So, if it turns out my ration of luck was used up by winning Sychronicity, I'm quite happy with that. This is a wonderful book full of stunning projects.

Now, my only problem is trying to pick which one to start first: Black Bunny, French Quarter or sevenofnine?

French Quarter, Andi Smith
photo (c) Andi Smith
Black Bunny, Andi Smith
photo (c) Andi Smith


  1. You sounded SO forlorn when I won that kit at the pre-festival indie event at Rhinebeck. To be honest, I only recently have won stuff after many years of getting the 'fuzzy end of the lollipop'. LOL. Your time has come. Maybe things will happen in 3s.

    1. I can't really complain. I've been very fortunate in all other aspects of my life. But the little kid in me just wants to win prizes! :)