Monday, May 27, 2013

Palette Cleanser

On the weekend I spent a few pleasant hours at the annual alpaca shearing at the 1 Stop Alpaca Farm. My daughter and her friend spent hours exploring the farm, playing with the border collies (who loved playing fetch, but also loved to drop the ball into the pond), and springing around the bouncy castle. I spent the time knitting and chatting with some acquaintances from our Monday night spinning group.

While at the  event, I started a sock with some Lang Jawoll Aktion sock yarn that I'd purchased on sale at Mary's Yarns in Unionville. The lovely blues of this self-striping yarn kept catching my eye every time I passed by my yarn shelf. So I cast on and decided to knit a simple 2x2 ribbed sock, something I could knit from memory.

The sock quickly became addictive, as I kept wanting to finish a color and see the next one begin. It was a delightful change from my usual semi-solid sock yarns and more complex patterns. And I continued knitting while watching Zero Dark Thirty with my husband.

By mid-Sunday afternoon I had 1 sock done! What a fast knit. Of course, with the equivalent of a serving of sorbet between the salad and the main entree, I'm now well primed to finish up my second Herringbone Rib sock, a new (and free!) pattern that I'll be releasing soon.

Sock details:
Lang Jawoll Aktion sock yarn. 75% wool, 25% nylon
2.75mm needles for the cuff
2.5 mm needles for the sock
2x2 ribbing for 16 grams
ribbed heel flap for 2.5 inches
continued 2x2 ribbing on top of foot.
plain toe until 14 sts remained top & bottom.

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