Sunday, November 4, 2012


I used to be a reader until I learned to knit and became a knitter. Where I used to pack 4 novels in my suitcase when prepare for a trip, I now pack 4 knitting projects. (Did I really think I'd have time to work on 2 socks, a shawl and a sweater during my 4 day trip to Rhinebeck?)

But I've found a way to combine my two loves: reading and knitting. I listen to audiobooks while I knit. With television, I find I end up more watching than knitting. But audiobooks fill the silence nicely and keep my mind engaged while I knit.

Picking the right book to listen to is important. If I'm knitting stocking stitch or something else that's easy to follow, I listen to a new book since I'll want to pay more attention to the story. If I'm doing something complicated, like lace or an intricate pattern, then I choose a book I've read/heard before so I don't miss out on the story if I have to focus on the pattern a bit more.

While there are free audiobooks out there, the quality isn't as good as the professionally produced ones. I get mine from I have an annual membership that gives me 24 credits to spend on books throughout the year. Usually 1 book = 1 credit, except for especially long duration books which may be 2 credits. This works out to approx $12 per book, when the usual non-membership price is $20-40 dollars depending on the author or length of the book. Audible also has 3 month memberships for those seeking less commitment.

Once you download the books onto your computer, you can listen to them immediately. Or, you can load them into iTunes and put them on your iDevice of choice or even on your Kindle.

Happy knitting and listening!

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