Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Border Crossing

Not only did we amuse the border guard on our way to Rhinebeck on Thursday (a knitter's festival?), we confuzzled the border guard on the way back into Canada.

The guard went through the standard set of questions:

Guard: "Are you all Canadian citizens?"
Us: "Yes"

Guard: "How much did you spend?"
Us: "$300", "$600", "$650"

Guard: "What's the most expensive item you bought?"
Me: "A Woolee Winder."
Guard: "What's a Woolee Winder?"
Geri (who was driving and thus the designated question answerer): "It's for winding yarn onto a spinning wheel." Really, this is as detailed as you want to get with a non-spinner.

Guard: *tilts head and wonders what to say next* You'd have thought we told him we'd told him we had a three-headed yak in the car.

Guard: "Do you have any alcohol?" He's clearly anxious to put his question and our answer behind him.

Guard: Gives back passports and waves us on. Crazy knitters with their Woolee Winders.