Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chicken or the egg?

You never think it’s going to happen to you. Sure, other people maybe. But you’re organized. You’ve got a system. You don’t have a problem; you have it all under control.

And then it happens. You lose a WIP (work in progress). Well, not you. Me. I’ve been on a bit of a sock bender lately. There’s the socks I was inspired to design after picking up some exquisite deep purple Handmaiden Casbah sock yarn. And its mate that I test knitted in a spring-like shade of green. A week or so ago I was bored and needed a simple project for the waiting room of my doctor’s office. So I started a Zauberball sock. Not 2 days ago, a colorful ball of Opal Zwerger Garn caught my eye, causing me to wonder how it would knit up.

But as I ripped skeins of yarn out of their shelves last night, I was searching for none other than the delightfully soft, appropriately blue-green flecked Diamond Luxury sock yarn (in color Nile) I’d shaped into one half of Cookie A.’s Pomatomus. No one I’ve met can pronounce the word, which is the genus of the blue fish. So in Ravelry, I called these my Hippotamus socks – close enough and much easier to pronounce.

Did I lose my Hippos because I have too many WIPs? Or do I have too many WIPs because my stash is too big? Chicken or the egg?

So now, I’m searching for my Hippopotamus. The first artist’s rendering produced looked like this:


I sent her back to the drawing board, where she produced this:


Sigh. I can only imagine that my Hippopotamus is lurking somewhere, barely visible within the warm, wooly confines of my oversized stash. Kinda like this:


Having a nap perhaps?


I just hope that there hasn’t been some “life-on-the-Savannah, survival-of-the-fittest” fight to the death happening in my stash.

hippofight  hippolions

Who do you think would win? The Hippopotamus or the Malabrigo? Maybe that ball of eyelash yarn hiding in the bottom draw – I never can seem to get rid of that stuff.

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