Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yarn: A mood enhancing drug

The last couple weeks have been busy. Busy at work and busy at home. I'm the kind of gal who needs a certain amount of time to myself to recharge my batteries, and I haven't been getting it lately.

The past couple Thursdays, I've debated whether I should even bother to attend my LYS's Sit 'n Knit. More people. More chatter. Not the quiet time I needed. That was just passing thought though, brought on by stress. The knitter in me knew that hanging out with my knitting crew was just what the doctor ordered to combat a case of stress-induced blues.

I started out the evening quietly, doing more listening than talking. But gradually I found myself laughing and chatting along with the rest of the ladies. And without fail, every Thursday night I walk out of my LYS wrapped up in the warmest feeling of camaraderie and contentment. That feeling is just so magical. To spend a couple hours of pure enjoyment with new friends in lively conversation, doing something we all are blindingly passionate about.

I love to knit because it is a relaxing and creative outlet.

I am grateful for the people has brought into my life.

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